Retiring Nomad

When we made Nomad free, we hoped the support load would be manageable. However, we’ve found our users still expect a lot of support for free tools. We don’t want to give our users false expectations, so we think it’s better that they find another solution with full support. For this reason, we will retire Nomad on September 1st this year.

What this means for your project

Anything you’ve made in Nomad is safe and can be easily moved to Nomad alternatives.

You can carry on using Nomad, but we won’t offer support or updates after September 1st. Future updates to Visual Studio or PhoneGap Build might cause Nomad to stop working.

You don’t need stop using Nomad immediately, but you should consider alternatives so you can switch when you need to.

Alternatives to Nomad

Nomad uses the open-source Cordova framework. This means you can move Nomad projects to other vendors that use Cordova, including:

PhoneGap Build (Adobe)
Instead of using PhoneGap Build via Nomad, you can interact with it directly using the PhoneGap Build command line.
Multi-Device Hybrid Apps (Microsoft)
A Visual Studio extension that adds PhoneGap support.
AppBuilder (Telerik)
A Visual Studio extension similar to Nomad.

Thank you!

It’s been two years since we started working on Nomad. It’s been a pleasure working with our users to build the first PhoneGap extension for Visual Studio.

Good luck with all your mobile apps!

The Nomad team