Develop cross-platform mobile apps within Visual Studio

Build for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices using JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS.

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Develop mobile apps the way you want to

Seamless Visual Studio integration

There's no large amounts of configuration or the installation of additional SDKs for Nomad to work.

Simply download and install the free Nomad extension, enter in your Adobe PhoneGap Build account details and create a Nomad project to begin.

Nomad is compatible with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013, excluding Express Editions.

Adobe PhoneGap Build Integration

Nomad provides the best PhoneGap Build experience inside the IDE you already know and love to provide 1-click builds for your mobile apps.

If you don't already have an Adobe PhoneGap Build account, simply select from a free or paid for plan when creating your Adobe ID. You can find out more at the PhoneGap pricing plans page.

Access the latest PhoneGap & 3rd party plugins

Want easy access to native device type functionality? Nomad makes this as simple as adding a single line to the config.xml file in your project.

Nomad also supports 3rd party plugins such as Push Notifications, Barcode Scanner, Child Browser, Email Composer and many many more.

Visit the PhoneGap Plugin Page for the full list and add any additional plugins to your project by including the plugin reference in the config.xml file.

Ready to become a mobile app developer?


Install the Nomad extension and create a Nomad project. Enter your PhoneGap Build credentials to enable access to the build service.


Write your app using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Remember to take advantage of PhoneGap plugins to access native device functionality.


Use the PhoneGap Build service to compile your cross-platform app and then simply deploy to your device.

"It was easy to create a seamless developer experience while maintaining a single codebase for the major mobile platforms."

Bob Looney, Director of Software Development, Ctuit Radar