Web hosting

If a domain is basically the name of your web, web hosting is where specifically your web is located. Hosting of your web is equivalent to the practical renting of an office space but on a website. Some physical location in which your web files have been stored then your web visitors come to view your web. Hosting can be resold as a service or basically provided by a different business through an agency/web developer.

Hosting of your web in a good server and environment basically gives the main difference between pending disaster and a long term success. The choice of a good host can lead to the production of a faster page, support in critical situations and an improved search engine performance. In most cases, host providers are typically selected based on suggestion or referral of the web developer of your choice. The cost of hosting ranges from $15 per annum. Hosting budget is ultimately driven by thee various features and services you require. If planning for some e-commerce web, you should then plan for a monthly cost. The common prices observed in a month have been at a range of $30 to $50. Such services include;