Factors to consider when designing your website

When designing a website there are some things that a person should keep in mind. There are many factors that go into web design and a person needs to consider them to make sure they end up with a great website.


The Purpose of the Site

This is one of the most important things when it goes to selecting the design. A person needs to look at why they are designing a website, who the intended users are, and the content that is on the site. Some sites are designed to inform while others are created to promote and sell products. This will help determine the proper call to action to use and will help create an effective design.


Domain Name

This is the first thing a person will notice about the website. If the domain name is too long, contains symbols, and is a mess of letters, the users will not remember it. If the address is too hard to type in, the user will move on to a different site. The name of the webpage should reflect what it is about and can contain the name of the company if it is not too long. When developing the name make sure it is SEO friendly as well.



It is important that the contact information on the page is easy to find. The information needs to be clear. The signature on the page should have a name, address, and phone number at the least. The information should be located at the same post on every page of the site. A person should also add their social media links and the name of the site.


Less is More

While everyone wants a site that is attention-getting and wants to have interesting graphics sometimes things can get to be a little much. If there are too many videos, flashy elements, and media they can overwhelm the site. These elements are great when they are used in moderation. If there is too much going on this can take the attention away from the content of the site. There are many great templates that can be used on the site so excessive media is not needed.


Mobile Friendly

It is important that the site can be accessed from mobile phones. The majority of people complete searches on their phones and the site needs to be compatible with the mobile device.

These are some things to keep in mind when designing a webpage. These elements can allow a person to have a great looking page without being overly flashy. All of these elements need to be included on the webpage to keep visitors coming back and provide them with all the information they need about a company.