Building for iOS

Nomad lets you write native iOS apps in Visual Studio, but before you can run them on your device, there’s a few bits of configuration. See each section for more details, or watch a short video walkthrough.

iOS Developer Program membership

You’ll need to be a member of Apple’s iOS Developer Program. This costs $99/year for either personal or corporate membership. (If there’s a few of you working on apps, it’s $99 for the team, not per developer.)

Signing certificates

All apps that run on iOS devices must be digitally signed with a code signing certificate. This verifies the identity of the app’s author, and ensures they’re a member of the iOS Developer Program.

Provisioning profiles

Provisioning profiles tie your signing certificate, application and devices together. They can be Ad-Hoc, in which case you can install your app directly on the included devices, or App Store, which allows your app to be run on any devices, but requires App Store approval first.

Deploying your App

You’ve written your app, and it has built successfully – now how do you get it on to your phone?